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The first meeting was convened in 1975 by an organising committee chaired by Associate Professor C.J. Driscoll from the University of New South Wales. Other members of the organising committee were:

Dr W.J.R. Boyd, The University of Western Australia
Sir Otto Frankel, Division of Plant Industry, C.S.I.R.O.
Mr J.V. Mullaly, Department of Agriculture, Victoria
Dr A.J. Rathjen, Waite Agricultural Research Institute
Dr W.V. Single, New South Wales Department of Agriculture
Dr J.R. Syme, Queensland Wheat Research Institute
Profession I.A. Watson, The University of Sydney
Miss Kristine K. Barlow (Secretary to the Committee), The University of New South Wales.

They were assisted by a local organising committee with seven members and a wives program organising committee of two members.


Wheat Breeding Australia

The proceedings of the meeting were published as “Australian Wheat Breeding Today, a treatise of the 1st Australian Wheat Breeders and Geneticists Assembly, University of New South Wales, Sydney, August 1975”.

The cover design of the publication was produced by Mr P.J. Larkin and had a stylised wheat inflorescence as a logo.

Past Assemblies by year, location and office bearers (Local organizing committee: President, secretary, treasurer and committee members).

  • 1978 14th-17th February. Roseworthy Agricultural College, Roseworthy. Proceeding published as ‘A treatise of the 2nd assembly of the wheat breeding society of Australia’ Edited by G. J. Hollamby. Local organising committee Mr G.J. Hollamby (Chairman), Professor C.J. Driscoll, Mr R.E. Wilson, Dr A.J. Rathjen, Dr K.W. Shepherd, Mr R.L. Brengman, Mr G. Riggs, Mr M. Kleeman, Mrs Carol Bailey. The wives program was organised by Mrs. Barbera Driscoll and Mrs Collen Wilson.
  • 1980. 25th-28th August. Victorian Crops Research Institute at Longerenong Agricultural College, Horsham, Vic. Proceedings published as ‘ A treatise of the 3rd assembly of the wheat breeding of Australia inc.’ Edited by L. O’Brien and R.M. Young. Local organizing committee: R. M. Young, L. O’Brien, S.E. Ellis, B.R. Whan, R.O. Collins, A.D. McIntyre, D.K. Walker, J.H. Elliot, S, J, Bertram, G. Noseda, S.M. Ough, L.E. Petschel.
  • 1984. Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, Toowoomba. Local organizing committee: J. R. Syme, P. S. Brennan.
  • 1986. Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Perth and Merredin. Local organising committee: B. R. Whan, R. Wilson, I. Barclay, R. McLean.
  • 1990. University of Sydney, Narrabri at Tamworth, N.S.W. 16-20 September. Local Organizing Committee: F. W. Ellison, L. O’Brien, R. A Hare, M. C. Mackay Proceedings Edited by: L. O’Brien, F. W. Ellison, R. A. Hare, M. C. Mackay.
  • 1994. University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia. 25th – 30th September. Local Organizing Committee: Gil Hollamby, Jim Lewis, Jeff Paull, Ken Shepherd, Trevor Dillon, Elizabeth Eaton, Tupp Carmody. Proceedings Edited by: J. Paull, I. S. Dundas, K. J. Shepherd, G. J.Hollamby
  • 1996. C.S.I.R.O. and ANU, Canberra, A.C.T. 29 September- 4 Oct 1996. Local Organizing Committee: Kay Faulkner, Richard Richards, Richard Brettell, Jim Davidson, Greg Rebetzke, Ram Gupta. Proceedings edited by: R. A. Richards, C. W. Wrigley, H. M. Rawson, G. J. Rebetzke, J. L. Davidson, R. I. S. Brettell
  • 1999. Queensland Department of Primary Industries, 27/9/99 to 1/10/99, Toowoomba, Qld. Local organizing committee: Paul Brennan, Mark Sutherland, Mark Cooper, Phillip Banks, Grant Daggard, Ian Delacy, Ian Haak, John Sheppard, John Thompson, Graham Wildermuth, Peter Williamson, Anna Campbell, Lloyd Mason. Proceedings Edited by: Peter Williamson, Phillip Banks, Ian Haak, John Thompson, Anna Campbell
  • 2001. Department of Agriculture, Victoria, at Mildura. 16th to 21st September. Local Organizing Committee: Russell Eastwood, Nelson Gororo, Tony O’Connor, Gil Hollamby, Tony Rathjen. Proceedings Edited by Russell Eastwood, Gil Hollamby, Tony Rathjen, Nelson Gororo.
  • 2004. C.S.I.R.O., Canberra, A.C.T. 21st to 24th September. Local organizing committee: Proceedings edited by C.K. Black, J.F. Panozzo, G.J. Rebetzke. (held in conjunction with 54th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference)
  • 2006. Melbourne
  • 2008. Brisbane
  • 2011. Perth, Department of Agriculture, Local organizing committee: R. E. Wilson, R. McLean, I. Barclay.
  • 2013. Brisbane. Local organizing committee: L. McIntyre, M. Dieters, J. Christopher.
  • 2017. University of Sydney. Local organizer: P. Sharp.
  • 2019. University of Adelaide. Adelaide, Local organizing committee: D. Mather, K. Chalmers, J. Able.
  • 2022. University of Sydney, Narrabri. Local Organising Committee: R. Trethowan, L. O’Brien, M. Lu, P. Davies, R. Thistlethwaite, J. Hyles, I. Revell, D. Mullan.

Recipients of the Triticum Award for Excellence in Wheat Improvement.

  • 1999. Ken W. Shepherd and Robert A. McIntosh
  • 2001. Gil. J. Hollamby
  • 2004. Frank W. Ellison (Posthumous Award) and Anthony J. Rathjen
  • 2006. Gerald. Halloran
  • 2008. Peter Wilson
  • 2011. Ray Hare, Ali Bayraktar
  • 2013. Iain Barclay
  • 2017. Lindsay O’Brien
  • 2019. Robin E. Wilson
  • 2022. R. Eastwood

Our Goal

To foster the development of “soon to graduate” wheat researchers by
subsidising their attendance at Assemblies and present awards for
Best Student Poster and Oral Paper presentations.

Our Assembly

The Wheat Breeding Assembly (WBA) brings together
breeders and pre-breeding researchers from
across the grains industry (particularly wheat), as well
as industry stakeholders that represent the value-chain
(from agronomists to buyers to exporters to  growers.