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About Us

The Wheat Breeding Society Inc. was formed to facilitate communication. between wheat breeders, wheat geneticists, allied researchers engaged in all fields of wheat research and the broader wheat industry with outcomes such as:

  • new knowledge;
  • development and application of new technologies and methodologies;
  • gene discovery, molecular marker development and genomics;
  • trait introgression from wheat germplasm and related species;
  • germplasm development incorporating new and novel genes of potential economic importance;
  • wheat processing and the genetics of wheat quality;
  • hybrid wheat breeding;
  • triticale breeding;
  • abiotic and biotic stress resistances and tolerances;
  • information management;
  • modelling and economics of wheat breeding programs; and
  • to facilitate the establishment of collaborative nursery screening programs for disease resistance and new trait discovery.

All of these outcomes can be utilised by wheat breeders and their breeding programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of wheat breeding, leading to increased grain yield, improved processing and nutritional quality and more reliable and sustainable wheat production.

The Societies primary method of communication is by convening
regular meetings (The Assembly) of wheat breeders and researchers.
The proceedings of Assemblies are published, with the first editions
being called “A treatise…”