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Assembly 2024 or 2025


The Wheat Breeding Society of Australia is a national body committed to ensuring Australia continues to develop sustainable wheat varieties suitable for Australian wheat growing systems.

The primary role of the Wheat Breeding Society is to convene a regular meeting (The Assembly) of wheat breeders and allied researchers.


Wheat Breeding Assembly

Wheat Breeding Assembly, Australia’s wheat breeding forum, brings together breeders, researchers and other industry stakeholders to build a stronger, more resilient and profitable  Australian wheat industry.

This is the event where Australia’s wheat breeders get together with each other and with researchers, students, growers, agronomists, end users and policymakers to challenge the following:

  • What future wheat varieties need to meet the challenges of future environments, cropping systems, markets and products?
  • What innovations in breeding practice will accelerate variety development and increase genetic gain?
  • What new science and technology can be harnessed to boost progress in wheat breeding?

The WBA2024 or 2025 program will be industry led as authors are invited through a call for abstracts to outline the latest research and innovations that are progressing the industry to meet future demands. The WBA2024 or 2025 program will address critical issues around innovation, technology and markets and their impact on grains, gains and profits.

The next Assembly will be held in either 2024 or 2025 probably in Victoria at a venue to be chosen by the organising committee.

Office bearers for the next Assembly are:
President: Dr Dan Mullan.
Secretary: Dr Josquin Tibbits.
Treasurer: Dr Meiqin Lu.